Voluntary car repossession service
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If you are like thousands of Americans you may have found yourself in a bad situation with creditors calling and repossession companies lurking. For many people vehicle repossession is unavoidable. If you wish to give up you car before dealing with a repossesor we can offer a peaceful solution and a cash reward for turning your vehicle in.


Our Minnesota voluntary impound service has been developed as a program that stops repossession companies from harassing you at home or work.
We can help you avoid the embarrassment, frustration, and often troubling ordeals of discovering a tow truck driving off with your car in front of friends, neighbors, or co-workers.

By voluntary impounding, you choose the day, time and place to give up your vehicle. You are able to avoid dealing with the repo-company. Once we have possession of your vehicle your lender then has the opportunity to retrieve it without sending a repo-company to harass you.

While taking your voluntarily impounded vehicle we'll pay you
$100 in cash at the time of surrender 
just for turning your vehicle in! We deal with Cars, Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles, and RV's regardless of who your lender is.

Our legal specialists are experienced with
dealing with all creditors, from Nationwide lenders to small "Buy here pay here" lots.



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